Gibbons Roscoe



Win-Win Parenting Programmes are research-based and psychologically accredited to teach parents how to create family harmony, enjoy being parents and raise their children to become dignified, worthy and emotionally mature adults.

Our Global Vision

To train 100 million parents, carers and surrogate child parents in developing and developed countries to:

  • Fully develop the potential of a billion children to rise out of poverty to become future winners, each within his/her aptitude.
  • Promote the establishment of enabling, happy and harmonious home environments.
  • Break the rapidly escalating cycle of disrespect for authority and authority figures.
  • Provide parent training to surrogate and child parents.
  • Provide children with a template for parenting their own children.

What Parents Say About Win-Win Parenting Programmes

  • 'I used to copy what my parents did – or the opposite - with varying degrees of success. These new skills have opened my eyes and we are making progress I did not think possible.’
  • ‘My kids use family meetings to discuss my behaviour! We are a more close-knit family unit – a team if you like!’
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What Parents Say About Win-Win Parenting Programmes Family Mentors

  • Well done! Congrats team on an absolutely polished /professional workshop.’
  • ‘Such imagination and creativity. You guys are great!’
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