Gibbons Roscoe



Alleviating Global Poverty

If we are serious about defeating or alleviating global poverty, it is essential to fully develop the potential of each child to escape poverty. The only way to successfully develop a child’s potential, is to train parents to raise their children to become ambitious, dignified and emotionally mature adults within their aptitudes.

Having taught teachers in South African schools to present our Win-Win Parenting (WWP) training programme, which received great acclaim from parents, we seek support to train millions of parents in developing countries living in the poorest of circumstances, both urban and rural to: Graduation

  • Fully develop the potential of each child each within his/her aptitude
  • Promote the establishment of enabling, happy and harmonious home environments
  • Break the rapidly escalating cycle of disrespect for authority and authority figures
  • Provide parent training to surrogate and child parents
  • Provide children with a template for parenting their own children.