Gibbons Roscoe



Our Founder

alan Win-Win Parenting programmes were envisaged and developed by our founder Alan J Whitaker, B Comm, MBL, FIoD.

Having been abused as a child he had little idea how to parent the four children in his life. He soon discovered that doing the exact opposite of what his father had done did not work and began a search to gain the knowledge and skills required to raise his children to become dignified, respected and emotionally mature adults.

Years of research, culminated in writing twelve books, each describing how children develop each year between 0 and 13 and providing the knowledge, proven cutting-edge guidelines, best practices and practical skills to fully develop the potential of each child.

A self-made man, despite the death of his father when he was fifteen which rendered his family impecunious, he completed the last two years of his schooling and two university degrees by part-time study. Despite, or perhaps because of this ‘handicap’, he had by the age of twenty three risen through the ranks to become Assistant Group Accountant of a medium-sized company.

Three years later he joined the Unilever marketing team. He subsequently held senior general management positions in the food and transport industries.

He founded Future Winners International in 1978.

His personal goal is to enable millions of men, women and children all over the world experience enjoyable family life and to be cherished at their school or workplace.

He was elected a Fellow of the Institute of Directors in 1996.