Gibbons Roscoe



Why Win-Win Parenting is Different

  • Parents learn the practical skills they need to raise their children to become ambitious, dignified and emotionally mature adults with the potential to escape the poverty trap .
  • Parents attend training every year from birth until their child reaches the age of 13.¬†Other programmes are usually once in a life time events. parents and girls 1

  • When faced with problems, WWP enables parents to consider a range of possible actions appropriate to their child and family because WWP training programmes are holistic in content. Most other parenting-related courses and articles in magazines, newspapers, on TV and the internet cover specific areas such as assertiveness skills, handling defiance, parenting ADHD or autistic children, etc.
  • WWP teaches parents in advance what to expect in each year of their child's development, the kind of challenges they should expect and how to handle them.¬†This approach teaches parents to plan and act proactively rather than to react retrospectively when a problem is encountered.
  • Parents learn the full range of practical parenting skills they need rather than only being offered behavioural change training in a narrow field.

Consequences of this approach

Annual training of millions of parents keeps their focus on applying the skills which will enable them to enjoy being a parent, living in a harmonious home and raising their children with the potential to escape from poverty.