Gibbons Roscoe



National Parenting Skills Training Programmes

  • The South African National Parenting Skills Training Programme was launched in 2011 at under-performing schools in Gauteng and in the Free State and Northern Cape provinces.
  • As a consequence of the massive impact with 50% of parents attending, the Programme has been expanded to include schools in Limpopo and KwaZulu-Natal.
  • Parents of 3.3 million children are expected to attend in 2012, this rising to 5m in 2013.
  • We offer National Parenting Skills Training Programmes to countries throughout the world.
  • Through models designed to suit the unique needs of each provincial, state or national department of education, training of parents is offered at every village, town or city school.
  • Training is designed for literate and illiterate parents in the local language.
  • Training is offered to parents annually from the birth of their child until their child leaves school.
  • Community parent support groups meet monthly at each school
  • Schools become a centre of excellence for parental advice in each community.
  • A great step forward in parental involvement with each school is achieved.